late afternoon—
a glimpse of sunlight
through her hair

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  1. haikutec Says:

    The old sunlight through the hair always works for us. ;-)
    Here's a very very old one from me…

    her black hair
    catching sunlight
    on his shoulder

    Alan Summers
    1. Feature Article, Scope magazine of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland (May 1994)
    2. sundog : an australian year Sunfast Press 1997 reprinted 1998
    California State Library – Main Catalog Call Number : HAIKU S852su 1997

  2. Bill Waters Says:

    Thank you, Alan, for sharing your poem! Since it's such an old one, that hair may be white now — a color that also works beautifully, in a similar and yet distinctly different way. :- )

  3. Ellen Olinger Says:

    That's a good idea, Bill, to perhaps revise older poems to show the lovely changes. Then reprint together. There's a beauty that is only given with age and from the heart, in my view!

    a new river of
    poems begins to flow
    as I grow older
    still reading by natural light
    late afternoon sun

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