slipping in
beneath the kitchen door
—first sunlight

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  1. Jean LeBlanc Says:


  2. @andreochka Says:

    Kala: another delicate masterpiece from you…

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    I love those kinds of morning, whether it's New Delhi (Mehruli District); Malibu; where I live now in Bradford on Avon. ;-)

    Another gorgeous haiku from you!


  4. drew Says:

    Such a great, visual poem.

  5. Peter Newton Says:


    What a wonderful message from the world–sunlight–
    slipping under the door like a love note.
    A sharp and delicate observation.


  6. Barbara A Taylor Says:

    g'day Kala

    a real beauty!

    peace and love

  7. Dave Says:

    i love it :)

  8. kala ramesh Says:

    Maha thanks to everyone, for taking time off to send these lovely responses.
    In Hinduism, the sun is a God – Aditya.
    We worship him and it's so true how precious the sun is to all of us.

    To the land of the rising sun — who gave us this art form
    I salute & wish you the very best.


  9. Harish Suryanarayana Says:

    Brilliant! So gentle :)

  10. martin1223 Says:

    That’s truly full of wonder!

  11. judith ingram Says:

    Any door
    any morning

    So many times I have experienced this, hopefully. Beautiful, Kala. You're still my favorite. judith ingram

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