a jarful of coins
from faraway places
winter stars






1st Place, The Haiku Foundation Facebook Haiku Contest, November 2010

11 Responses

  1. @andreochka Says:

    Delicious! A well deserved 1st prize!

  2. John Stone Says:

    Nice work, Melissa, as always…

  3. Barbara A Taylor Says:

    g'day Melissa

    excellent…so meaningful for all of us around the world today as we think of the tragedy happening now in Japan.

    Peace and Love

  4. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Just beautiful. Reminds me of my childhood, thank you. A thoroughly deserved winner.

  5. Mary Says:

    …oh, very nice….

  6. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    a few rupees–
    her smile
    making change

  7. Manu Kant Says:

    A FEW rupees
    in her eyes
    the whole humanity

  8. Allison Says:

    beautiful words Melissa

  9. Melissa Spurr Says:

    Thank you, Andrea, Johnny, Barbara, Helen, Mary, Allison and Christopher for your kind comments. Much appreciated!



  10. Alan Summers Says:

    Now that your haiku won first place, you could donate those coins to an organisation that can convert the money to a charitable institution. ;-) Maybe they'd print your winning haiku as part of a slogan too. Good haiku! ;-)


  11. shaheen Says:

    well said for devastating floods hit people of Pakistan

    devastating floods
    the unease of the dress
    that never fits

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