cut out words spell the haiku: "each/butterfly/carrying/spring"







Inspired by the poet Marlene Mountain’s haiku tear outs.

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  1. martin1223 Says:

    dusk in the white spring moth

    river dusk
    a moth follows the light

  2. each, a haiku by C. P. Harrison / tinywords « word pond Says:

    […] C. P. HARRISON from tinywords 11:2 15 JULY 2011 […]

  3. E.T. Says:

    cicadas sing the songs of spring

  4. kathy Says:

    I LOVE this! The only thing I love as much as poetry, is collage.

  5. cpharrison3 Says:

    me too! thanks kathy!

  6. Lana B Says:

    butterflies and
    dandelion seeds
    in current of wind

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    Love it! :-)


  8. shaheen Says:

    unfolding the canvass
    as to sun basking
    a static butterfly

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