flurries of willow fluff
seven ducklings scatter
among the reeds

8 Responses

  1. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    Thank you for posting this! The action is so clear, so sweet, so charming.

  2. @andreochka Says:

    Great image: your ducklings are lovely, Polona…

  3. David Caruso Says:

    wonderful, conjures so much . . . a like how the reeds of the pond give the ducklings protection, a place to scatter to. I can't help but place poets among those ducklings, in their beloved pond when suddenly danger nears and they need some place to go, to write about. Well done.

  4. donnafleischer Says:

    I enjoyed this poem so much. How easily the little ones scare, how the earth, as David Caruso says above, in the world of their pond, offers refuge. Thank you.

  5. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    concentric circles
    we hunt for frogs
    among the reeds

  6. polona Says:

    thank you all so much for your kind and illuminating comments

  7. shaheen Says:

    hidden in the reed
    early duck shooting
    wounded decoy

  8. Interim Management Says:

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