today slips / into the room     hungry / on tiny paws

today slips
into the room ?   hungry
on tiny paws

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  1. Lisa Brown Says:

    Furry good. :-)

  2. @andreochka Says:

    Brilliant: really enjoyed!

  3. Madhu Says:


  4. snowbirdpress Says:

    so many layers
    of softness slip in
    a center of bone

  5. donnafleischer Says:

    Snowbirdpress, what a tremendous haiku gift you left. Angie Werren's comparable haiga delights and mystifies me — a contemporary classic.

  6. snowbirdpress Says:

    Hi, Donna, Now you know why I love haiga so much It can take you to place you never dreamed could be conceivable. Thanks for your kind words.

  7. kvennarad Says:

    your cupboard love
    (O my today!)
    is serpentine

    The timbre of a singular cat-cry. The slight scrape of a bowl on the kitchen floor. The silence of the rest of the house. The cues given by noises outside. Your nonchalance. Why are you sitting on the clean laundry, and why would you eat another bowlful if I set it down? What is your philosophy – stoic or epicurean?

    Marie Marshall

  8. Jean Says:

    Yes, brilliant – in so many ways!

  9. sanjuktaa Says:


  10. donnafleischer Says:

    At last Carl Sandburg's poem has been surpassed! by Angie Werren's outstanding haiga on tiny paws. Truly, no mean feat, that. Will share on the blog word pond. Thank you, poet.

  11. Untitled, a haiga by Angie Werren / tinywords « word pond Says:

    […] today slips into the room ? hungry on tiny paws Angie Werren from tinywords […]

  12. Alan Summers Says:

    What a fantastic image jumping at me when I come to this page. ;-)

    Really enjoyed the whole haiga experience.


  13. angie Says:

    thank you — alan, donna, jean, lisa, sanjuktaa, snowbirdpress, madhu and andreochka!
    you are all *furry* kind! this haiga is special to me (my stella!) so I'm very happy that you enjoyed it.


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