eyes light up
          in the pine tree

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  1. Fran Harris Says:

    And my heart lights up upon reading this haiku! Thank you!

  2. Marie Shimane Says:

    on this day of steady rain
    lighter years

  3. snowbirdpress Says:

    a question as big
    as the winter pasture
    the owl's "whoooo"

    All I can see is a startled owl. Thanks, Lorin. Perfect for Halloween!

  4. Peg Duthie Says:

    a single flash
    pierces cloudy memories —
    the songbirds won't say why

  5. bett Says:

    Love it lorin

  6. aminanimator Says:

    shade line cobs liner shape off.
    enlightnings to dot

  7. shaheen Says:

    it is thunderbolt rainy night.a cat's eyes shine now and then in my lawn ,iwist to have had some pine trees as well
    enjoyed once more tonight.

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