Introduction to tinywords issue 11.3

Welcome! tinywords 11.3, the “journeys” issue, is about to begin.

It has been my delight and honor to guest edit this issue of tinywords. I could not have done it without the thoughtful reading of assistant editors Martin Cohen, David Jensen, Peter Newton, David Serjeant and John Emil Vincent.

Thanks also to David H. Miller, the photographer whose image, “The Road to Tolbo Nuur,” graces the top of nearly every page in this issue.

Decisions were not easy and I am grateful to all who chose to share their poetry with us. Forty-seven fine works were selected for inclusion — a nine-and-a-half week journey. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.

3 Responses

  1. Alan Summers Says:

    The selections have already been incredible, can't wait to see even more. Great reading!

    Alan, With Words

  2. th?s s?te Says:

    People in this developing world, still have such type of believers and perceptions that are beyond the thinking of the human being. Those believe of the people only show their ignorant thinking.

  3. Igor Says:

    Absolutely first rate and cooter-boptpmed, gentlemen!

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