Sunday afternoon
jammed between a bus and truck
we glimpse the silver
water tumbling down
Agatsuma Gorge

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  1. @andreochka Says:

    Love it: the picture is vivid…

  2. martin1223 Says:

    from the glare of an unplugged TV April

  3. snowbirdpress Says:

    by a traffic jam

  4. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    all the thoughts in my mind song of an owl

  5. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Just Another Chainsaw Massacre

    They're cutting back the lime outside:
    its leaves obscured a burnt-out truck.
    They're filming something True to Life.

    We're watching as it bites the dust.

    ("Armadillo Basket", Waterloo Press, UK, 2011)

  6. Lynne Says:

    What a lovely contrast between stasis and movement. The sparkling water brings a gleam to my image of the traffic too.

  7. Peter Newton Says:

    I just want tinywords back.

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    love it!

  9. Yepi Says:

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