news of your death
when I open my eyes
green leaves




(previously published in the May/ June 2012 Sketchbook, 3rd place in the SSH Summer Kigo contest)



8 Responses

  1. @andreochka Says:

    carrying a salute
    from a distant friend —
    autumn wind

  2. harrisfr Says:

    A salute felt in green grass!

  3. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:


  4. harrisfr Says:

    Ditto! Perfect reaction!

  5. @MerrillGonzales Says:

    falling in the spiral
    wind song

  6. Alan Summers Says:


    sunheat –
    also parted in death
    a ladybird’s wings

    Alan Summers
    Publications credits: Blithe Spirit vol. 8. no.3 (1998); Birdsong – a haiku sequence Together They Stood, (Poetry Now 2004)

  7. Frances Sinderwahl Says:

    autumn rain

    on the porch
    the windchimes barely move

  8. angie Says:

    thank you, everyone!

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