twilight trees
birds go in and out
of song




(previously published in Acorn #26 — Spring 2011)


11 Responses

  1. Marie Shimane Says:

    A lovely image — and very satisfying on more than one level as well.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Always a sucker for dusk/twilight poems.

    autumn twilight . . .
    swan shapes separate
    for the lone boatman

    Alan Summers

    Publications credits:
    Snapshots 10 (2001); City: Bristol Today in Poems and Pictures (Paralalia 2004); BHS members anthology ‘River’ (2005); (2007)


  3. Rebecca Drouilhet Says:

    Enjoyed your lovely twilight poem! Thanks for sending us the link to this site. I'm enjoying Kala's fine haiku, also.

  4. martin1223 Says:

    a moth follows
    the stream

  5. Scott Terrill Says:

    Beautiful Kala

    in a hole
    through birdsong drips

    Scott Terrill

    Publications credit:
    (Slater, B & Summers, A (eds.) 2012, Four Virtual Haiku Poets, Yet To Be Named Free Press, Stoke-on-Trent, England)

  6. Jane Reichhold Says:

    Excellent haiku, Kala. I see it right up there with Basho's "sound of water" haikai.
    o/ Jane

  7. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton for all your lovely comments.
    Wow! Jane, thanks a lot.
    Martin, Alan and Scott — v. nice response haiku.
    Enjoyed :)

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Beautiful, Kala.


  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Simply beautiful, Kala.


  10. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton, Marion :)

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