The many notes/of the falling rain/all in tune.  (haiga)

The many notes
of the falling rain,
all in tune.





Photo by Adiel Gardner, Poem by Don Wentworth

The poem was previously published in “Past All Traps” (Six Gallery Press, 2011).

Adiel Gardner has been photographing the world around her since she fell in love with the art form at the age of 13. Portraiture is her current main focus as it allows her to capture the sometimes hidden beauty in people. She lives in Erie, PA, with her husband and four children, who are her first audience and greatest work of art.

34 Responses

  1. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you both, Ellen

  2. Don Says:

    Cheers, Ellen, glad you liked!

  3. david Says:


  4. Alison H. Says:

    Captures the music of the rain and nature's innate harmony, as well as giving us a new look at the beauty of the rainy season. So very lovely. Thank you.

  5. Don Says:

    You are welcome, Alison. Thanks, Don

  6. Marie Shimane Says:

    yesterday's rain
    and the upside-down sparkle
    of today

  7. Jeanie T. Says:

    I love rain and I love this, Don. So nice to see a poem of YOURS!

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Absolutely lovely, Don. We're well used to rain here in Ireland! :)

    By the way, thanks for sending me the lovely little copies of the Lilliput Review which arrived a few days ago. They are so cute and I'm going to carry them about in the back pocket of my jeans so I can read them whenever I want!!!


  9. Don Says:

    Marion: Thank you, glad you liked the poem and issues. And they are right where they should be – in a pocket! Don

  10. Peter Newton Says:

    the trees
    each with its own expression
    for rain

  11. Don Says:

    Peter! Great little poem, thanks for sending … Don

  12. george n carvalho Says:

    Don, Finally a Haiku worth the name. thank you much

  13. Don Says:

    Thanks so much, George. You've left the poet speechless. Don

  14. Marjorie Buettner Says:

    I love this haiku and it is a wonderful photograph!

  15. Don Says:

    Thanks, Marjorie. Don

  16. Constance Says:

    I agree with Jeanie. So nice to see your work here. Great combination of image and words.

  17. Don Says:

    Cheers, Constance! Don

  18. Patrick Sweeney Says:

    Clean haiku. The kind of haiku that will have me tilting my head to listen to the rain for the rest of my life.

  19. Don Says:

    Patrick – Your thought means so much. Thank you. Don

  20. martin1223 Says:

    I enjoyed the image and poem…

    after the rain–
    the sound of traffic

    tinywords | published 24 April 2003

  21. Don Says:

    Thanks, Martin.

  22. Patrice Hasbrook Says:

    ..lovely and so generous…

    although nothing happened
    the willow and crow stand nearer
    than the dark

  23. Don Says:

    Jeanie, so glad this one connected. Don

  24. Alan Summers Says:

    rain clouds
    conversations shift around
    the train carriage

    Publications credits: Mainichi Shimbun (2011)
    Award Credits: Honourable Mention Best of Mainichi 2011

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  26. Alison H. Says:

    That's lovely. The music of the universe…

  27. Don Wentworth Says:

    Thanks so much, Alison.


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  33. shivani rathore Says:

    These rain drops are also remember me to my childhood when i always bath in rain.Thanks to remember such a awesome feeling again.

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