under the half moon bridge

this upside-down world

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  1. Barbara A Taylor Says:

    g'day kath abela

    love this



  2. martin1223 Says:

    Hi Kath Abela,

    I like it and being under here too…

    day moon
    the night stays in the lake

    tinywords | published 5 March 2008

  3. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:


  4. Kathabela Wilson Says:

    I love that your comments…Barbara and Martin reflect the poem… (Barbara in her location (down under) and Martin with his beautiful poem. and thank you seaveiw… for your sweet." the reflection of the half moon bridge…in Chinese and Japanese Gardens when I visit…. in my mind as a moment of vision and peacefulness… thank you for being here with me!

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    misted over river
    the Humber Bridge
    links to Heaven

    Publications credits: haijinx volume IV, issue 1 (2011)

  6. Budi Says:

    Hello coloured potty pelpoe! You are gorgeous!!! Love the chevron Chaos Cards and how you’ve journaled between the chevrons. You have such adorable kids!! xxx

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