New ice

photo of new ice, by Dave Bonta
Tinywords Invites You to Get Inspired

And now for something a little different. While we are assembling the next issue, tinywords invites you to get inspired by Dave Bonta’s beautiful photograph above. Add your short poems inspired by his image “new ice” to our comment box below.

Thank you for lending your voices. And thanks to Dave for lending his photo. We will consider the best of the best for possible inclusion in tinywords 13.1.

Happy New Year!

The Editorial Team of
t i n y w o r d s


About the photographer:

Dave Bonta lives at the top of a hollow in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, where he posts brief daily updates about what he sees in his yard at The Morning Porch, shares photos at Woodrat Photohaiku, and blogs poetry and other stuff at Via Negativa. For a full biography, see his personal website.

209 Responses

  1. Claudette Russell Says:

    your hateful words
    deepening the coldness
    in my heart

  2. Peter Newton Says:

    a black-and-blue view
    of the sky
    new ice

    (again, chiming in, not for consideration)

  3. Jennifer Thompson Says:

    forever changed…
    the impression
    you leave

  4. martin1223 Says:

    new pond ice
    the glint on a twig’s shadow

  5. Simon Hanson Says:

    I love the visual – including the contrast between the glint (of light) and the shadow

  6. martin1223 Says:

    new pond ice
    the morning glint on the twig’s shadow

  7. Rita Odeh Says:

    the doodles
    of a dangling branch
    on blue ice

  8. Rita Odeh Says:

    winter wind-
    the doodles of a dangling branch
    on blue ice

  9. c m wilson Says:

    New ice–
    fragile etchings
    on dragonfly wings
    a constant ringing in my ears

  10. Carla Wilson Says:

    new ice–
    fragile etchings
    on dragonfly wings–
    a constant ringing in my ears

  11. Kathy Trau Says:

    Black ice
    The blackjack of winter
    Arresting Mother Nature

  12. Amber McGlothlin Says:

    Our hearts break, and freeze, and thaw, and flow fluid with the seasons
    And what can we do, but run our course?

  13. Teacher Momma Says:

    new ice…
    Life awaiting it's return,
    Fertilizing within each moment,
    Birth bringing forth the beauty of what awaits in it's New Ice

  14. Rita Odeh Says:

    winter wind-
    a dangling branch doodles
    on blue ice

  15. Colin Mackay Says:

    As nature leaves an icy fingerprint in the almost frozen blue pond a man captures light and beams it freely for others to marvel.

  16. Andrew Brier Says:

    a chrysalis
    of spring

  17. Christine L. Villa Says:

    all the wrinkles
    etched by memories
    blue ice

  18. Cee Best Says:

    air-brushed ice.
    a twig falls, surface
    slides away.

  19. L. Williams Says:

    new ice
    but it was only
    two beers

  20. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    ice floats
    in rose-colored water
    some days
    feeling old
    some young

    One of my Lake Michigan poems.
    Blessings, Ellen

  21. larry wilmarth Says:

    new ice…
    the sparkle in her eye
    when i stumble

  22. Amergin O'Kai Says:

    Winter’s rigours are

    Still and brittle, black and blue,

    But soon forgotten.

  23. Robin Chapman Says:


    we want to say
    it bears the trace of leaf,
    grass, branch–not
    the fractal facets of itself.

  24. larry wilmarth Says:

    on thin ice..
    we still talk

  25. eikenlaan Says:

    tree shadows
    across a frozen lake
    branches embrace

    leaf patterns
    etch a frozen lake
    blue winter dusk

  26. Simon Hanson Says:

    ice crystals
    the every which way
    of beauty

  27. freda Says:

    the chill is what is alive _I'm floating on it along the path cut by memory and winter._tea calls in the distance with a voice that came from high on the mountain._thin ice is strong enough to hold me__freda_

  28. Charline Says:

    new ice
    delicate toffee

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  30. pie susu dhian Says:

    ice a sideways slideshow of my life

  31. marthamagenta Says:

    new ice
    patterns of

  32. Says:

    Nice photo!

  33. KP Liker Says:

    Keep it up.

  34. High blood pressure Says:

    Pictures in the article renders the freeze of the ice… very realistic picture.

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