New ice

photo of new ice, by Dave Bonta
Tinywords Invites You to Get Inspired

And now for something a little different. While we are assembling the next issue, tinywords invites you to get inspired by Dave Bonta’s beautiful photograph above. Add your short poems inspired by his image “new ice” to our comment box below.

Thank you for lending your voices. And thanks to Dave for lending his photo. We will consider the best of the best for possible inclusion in tinywords 13.1.

Happy New Year!

The Editorial Team of
t i n y w o r d s


About the photographer:

Dave?Bonta?lives at the top of a hollow in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, where he posts brief daily updates about what he sees in his yard at?The Morning Porch, shares photos at?Woodrat Photohaiku, and blogs poetry and other stuff at?Via Negativa. For a full biography, see his?personal website.

208 Responses

  1. Rehn Kovacic Says:

    Living in the desert—
    ice is simply
    an unpleasant memory.
    –Rehn Kovacic

  2. Robert W. King Says:

    In frost and ice
    we find design
    of latticed leaf
    and stalk, of flower
    lace, of world.

  3. awoodlandrose Says:

    new ice
    just below the surface
    his black and white beliefs

    Andrea Grillo

  4. Alegria Imperial Says:

    webbed particles
    in a glass
    his restless darkness

  5. Alma Cole Pesiri Says:

    sunlight painted art

    frozen brush strokes

    offered today…

  6. Marilyn Says:

    blue ice
    cold and hard
    my lover's heart
    -Marilyn Linn

  7. Melamoe Bishop Says:

    Ah how true this rings. Well done.


  8. JoAnn Dalgard Says:

    Ripples of ice –
    silent expressions
    a hibernating landscape

    JoAnn Dalgard

  9. Arlene Teck Says:

    walking in the grooves
    to avoid a slipppppppp oh!
    -new ice

  10. Michael Rehling Says:

    a cold moon
    shines on itself
    ice on the lake

    Mike Rehling

  11. dt.haase Says:

    well crafted

  12. Mariana Says:

    still water
    by the cold

  13. JoAnn Dalgard Says:

    A fallen leaf, a broken branch
    captured for "eternity" –
    until set free in Spring
    – JoAnn Dalgard

  14. linnmay Says:

    I think this poem is too long for a haiku. I suggest deleting 'a fallen leaf'.

  15. F.J. Bergmann Says:

    bent branches
    blade through blue ice
    black below

  16. Joe Wolf Says:

    Frozen willow twigs
    Caught in their moment of death
    Winter-hardened heart

  17. Susan Barnett Says:

    another crack
    between us-
    new ice

  18. linnmay Says:

    I like the images here. The ice of a broken heart as the distance grows.

  19. Peter Newton Says:

    Susan, Please let us know your e-mail. Thanks, Tinywords

  20. Jackie Says:

    Branch brushstrokes
    Reveal glimpses of tomorrow
    Through wind's stirring

  21. Priscilla Says:

    New ice
    old twigs
    natural calligraphy

  22. dt.haase Says:

    this is wonderful ~ so well drawn

  23. Aalix Roake Says:

    the blue
    of your eyes
    make mine shine

  24. dt.haase Says:


  25. Alison Hedlund Says:

    winter dusk…
    indigo ice feathers
    limn the garden pond

  26. Tricia Knoll Says:

    fractal fans
    on skim of ice
    a captured twig

  27. Sylvia Forges-Ryan Says:

    Winter stillness
    a branch of the willow
    frozen in blue ice

  28. Carma Lynn Park Says:

    new ice feathering
    the duck pond–
    only the first freeze

    Carma Lynn Park

  29. Patricia Harrington Says:

    So still and frozen
    Yet, revealing anew hope
    Soon spring comes revewed

  30. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    all the ways
    we argue-
    new ice

  31. rich kessler Says:

    brushstrokes in water
    frozen in place and time
    nature's winter art

  32. Terra Martin Says:

    slow thaw
    she forgives him
    for the second time

  33. dt.haase Says:

    very good ~ well named

  34. John Pappas Says:

    winter birch
    and water:
    ice on ice on ice

  35. sharon Says:

    reflections of my winter
    ice lines
    and crow's feet

  36. Cara Holman Says:

    thawing ice
    memories dredged up
    by old letters

    ~ Cara Holman

  37. angie werren Says:

    searching for plum blossoms blue ice

  38. dt.haase Says:

    beautiful simplicity

  39. angie werren Says:

    thank you, dan

  40. Annie Wilcox Says:

    The hard blue
    of ice

  41. dt.haase Says:

    well equated

  42. Ralf Bröker Says:

    within the sound of ice
    another step into my blue

  43. Barbara A Taylor Says:

    new ice
    the President persuades us
    to hope

  44. Tom Conally Says:

    nature's brush
    paints a delicate fractal..
    new ice

  45. Mark Fiandaca Says:

    fern shapes facets starbursts overlaid
    a pond's frozen skin

  46. DorisPearson Says:

    hidden fathoms
    mysterious moments
    using my imagination

  47. chrisbkm Says:

    Stream's surface frosted
    like a forest window. Blue
    twigs point at the moon.

  48. BethL Says:

    crystallized blue tears
    over emotion's dark depths
    held silent

  49. Long2Travel Says:

    Crack. Scotch and soda.
    Frozen moments, a better time.
    Beauty in 60's.

  50. Laura Says:

    Blue winter in dark twilight…
    crystalline magic

  51. Patricia Carragon Says:

    frozen water
    twigs touch
    out of resistance

  52. Michelle Sanders Says:

    new ice
    the old skates

  53. dt.haase Says:

    very clever!

  54. Joanne Chantelau Says:

    the hidden pain
    of her shattered dreams
    new ice

  55. purushothamarao Says:

    crest fall
    snow on housetops

  56. Susan Murata Says:

    clear cut —
    when the answer
    is no

  57. Susan Murata Says:

    designs —
    caught up in your
    colorful past

  58. dt.haase Says:

    I like this

  59. Diane Mayr Says:

    November dawn
    pulling the blanket up

    Diane Mayr

  60. Susan Murata Says:

    patchwork —
    too late to cut a
    new pattern

  61. vivinfrance Says:

    I saw this as a patchwork pattern, too!

  62. Peter Newton Says:

    black ice a sideways slideshow of my life

    . . . . . . . . . .
    (not for consideration, just for fun, cool photo Dave)

  63. Marian Veverka Says:

    A fingertip
    A soft breath
    No shouting, please!

  64. Benita_Kape Says:


    the elements

    a feathery current

  65. dt.haase Says:

    love the imagery

  66. Benita_Kape Says:

    many thanks

  67. dt.haase Says:

    frozen pond
    delights and shadows

  68. carolekatsantoness Says:

    packed in ice
    every muscle
    is knotted

  69. dt.haase Says:

    love the imagery here

  70. Rana Says:

    The delicious crunch
    of new ice underfoot.
    Winter's harbinger.

  71. jeanie tomasko Says:

    all night the wind and
    its accomplice yell
    freeze now or else
    in the morning my hands are drawn

  72. A.Thiagarajan Says:

    it can't last long
    for the sunrise
    for the sap
    to flow into you-

  73. maddy dessanti Says:

    six years.
    i saw your name
    etched in thin ice.

  74. Kathy Nguyen Says:

    brittle ice–
    I let the twigs draw out
    the stars and the paths
    we have walked
    from yesteryear

  75. Diane Says:

    blue feathers
    a twig breaks
    the cold ascends

  76. Evans McWilliam Says:

    crystal form soft form
    light form

  77. Catherine Says:

    you might see

    in its fractured

  78. ebethmills Says:

    Glad that's not my ice
    Warm and sunny where I am
    Wore shorts yesterday

  79. lucychili Says:

    blue shards,
    dressed for winter

    branches feign death
    waiting for release

    light, hope,
    tender green

  80. Melanie Bishop Says:

    Nice and hopeful…..


  81. Sherry Weaver Smith Says:

    a girl lets go
    of the ice rink wall
    snow flurry

  82. Sherry Weaver Smith Says:

    iced over river
    the current's imprint
    in silver

  83. Sherry Weaver Smith Says:

    ice bridges a stream
    he debates whether to talk
    to the shop girl

  84. Sherry Weaver Smith Says:

    what was written in winter
    is lost

  85. Cabo Fishing Says:

    I'm an optimist in the sense that I believe humans are noble and honorable, and some of them are really smart. I have a very optimistic view of individuals.

  86. Christina Nguyen Says:

    deep frost the anniversary of his death

  87. Vasile Moldovan Says:

    the winter comes back
    in the nature and soul
    new ice

  88. Alegria Imperial Says:

    ossified blue…
    lips open and close

  89. rileyjane Says:

    This ice invites touch
    My hand slicks cold against its
    Complicated skin

  90. pbergonzi Says:

    fossils, fleet.

  91. vivinfrance Says:

    Dare to tread,
    New ice breaks
    you may be dead.

  92. Seren Fargo Says:

    across the icy pond
    our reflections

  93. Ra Sh Says:

    Beneath the blue
    Warm spasms begin
    In renewal of hope.

  94. awoodlandrose Says:

    new ice
    feathers of sky

    Andrea Grillo

  95. Monet Says:

    skeins of water
    fingerprinting frozen flight
    feathered in
    new ice

  96. Melanie Bishop Says:

    I like this a lot. Great imagery.


  97. Grace Galton Says:

    The garden wears
    a winding sheet of snow.
    The anaemic sun,
    too weak to melt pond-ice
    entombing golden fish,
    hangs forlornly in
    a gunmetal sky.


    nothing stirs, no breeze occurs.
    no birds sing, no flowers spring.

    Nor dare I move, for fear that
    Mother Nature disapproves.

  98. Natsav Says:

    feeling sun on ice
    we skate on glassy silence
    each timorous step

  99. lana_b Says:

    black ice
    haven't received your greetings
    this Christmas

  100. Grace Galton Says:

    The garden wears
    a winding sheet of snow.
    The anaemic sun,
    too weak to melt pond-ice
    entombing golden fish,
    hangs forlornly in
    a gunmetal sky.

    nothing stirs, no breeze occurs.
    no birds sing, no flowers spring.

    Nor dare I move, for fear that
    Mother Nature disapproves.

  101. Melle Says:

    school bus insults
    ignore them, mom says
    new ice

  102. Don Wentworth Says:

    see the wind shadows
    new ice

  103. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    thin ice
    down the slippery slope
    of i love you

  104. Joe L. Says:

    picture of ice, cool.
    pitcher of ice, cold.

  105. Dawn Apanius Says:

    ice patterns–
    dreaming of the blooms
    of flower bulbs

  106. geraldine garvey Says:

    A new arrival hangs in the Museum of Nature
    an abstract from the painter's blue period
    It is on display only for an instant before
    melting back into its' mystery

  107. Claudette Russell Says:

    new ice
    how fragile
    you left my heart

  108. Claudette Russell Says:

    new ice
    how fragile
    you left my heart

  109. ruthanne Says:

    twigs drift
    toward spring
    sudden ice

  110. Andy Sewina Says:

    winter wilderness
    view before it melts away
    white brushstrokes look blue

    mother natures masterpiece
    two layers too thin to slice

  111. Marilyn Walker Says:

    new ice
    how fragile
    their love

  112. Lisa Helen Brown Says:

    Frozen memory
    of currents, leaves drifting like
    tiny boats, long gone.

  113. Sunil Uniyal Says:

    new ice
    broken by
    dead twigs

  114. MarkDanowsky Says:

    New Ice

    water's private logic–
    no different here
    than foreign lands

  115. MarkDanowsky Says:

    New Ice

    visual randomness
    in water's private logic–
    our sense of order

  116. Maureen Says:

    new ice hardened words
    below the current moving
    a pattern broken

  117. Melanie Bishop Says:

    black web woven deep
    brittle sounds the sun comes nigh
    to warm icy dreams


  118. Stan Ski Says:

    blue light of winter
    reflections in ice crystals
    skates recommended

  119. polona Says:

    second opinion
    the ice too thin
    to hold

  120. Naima Says:

    the ways are hard but beautiful,
    the ways are plain but slippery,
    it's a new ice, it's a new ice.

  121. Melanie Bishop Says:

    Black Ice

    black web woven deep
    brittle sounds the sun comes nigh
    to warm icy dreams

    by Melanie Bishop

  122. Trudy Rider Says:

    Ice Faeries dancing
    frozen crystalline patterns
    take your breath away

  123. WAS Says:

    palette knife ice
    so black so white
    all blue

  124. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    too soon to call it love new ice

  125. Marian Veverka Says:

    Beneath this
    frozen cover
    fish are dreaming

  126. bobbilurie777 Says:

    nothing is see – thru – cold / so cold this aloneness

  127. Patrick Walsh Says:

    See those brush marks?

    Funny how ice

    imitates art.

  128. gabriele brunsch Says:

    winter melodies
    the sounds of cracking ice
    distilling silence

  129. CJ Muchhala Says:

    New Ice

    An Ellington suite
    for broken
    and blue

  130. martin1223 Says:

    Black, Brown, & Beige
    Three Black Kings: King Of The Magi, King Solomon, Martin Luther King
    New World a-Comin

    Try it; you'll like it!

  131. Marie Shimane Says:

    these winter days
    etched in fragile transparency
    our time together

  132. Fred Flohr Says:

    looking at my friend
    so peacefully dying –
    it's winter outside

  133. CJ Muchhala Says:

    New Ice

    Not even Monet
    can render this garden's
    delicate fronds

  134. Jayashri Fairclough Says:

    in stillness
    heart's blue ice
    thaws through

  135. mcrowin Says:

    winter's sharp shards
    become cool ripples
    in spring

  136. Lorne Henry Says:

    too hard to imagine
    in the heat

  137. HerbQ Says:

    Branches frozen in crystal blue
    Still lives waiting with hoarfrost bark

  138. Bob Kimberly Says:

    South wind howling
    ice groaning,
    booming, cracking,

    morning dawns
    sun on blue water.

  139. Philip Guignard Says:

    Branch bending low
    With brittle certainty
    Icy regrets

  140. Michael O. Nowlan Says:

    artist's delicate lines
    paint natural emphasis
    to winter's beauty

  141. Patrick Walsh Says:

    See those brush marks?
    Funny how ice
    imitates art.

  142. joni Says:

    life encompasses
    every turn, twist, danger and beauty

    "new ice" is a beautiful and exciting photograph

  143. Margaret Chula Says:

    imprints of leaves
    beneath last night's blue ice
    her memory fails

  144. Polly Says:

    no words –
    sinking into the patterns
    of new ice

  145. Rebecca Moser Says:

    water…frigid air collide
    a thin veil's silhouette
    records a seasoned voice.

  146. Rebecca Moser Says:

    water..frigid air collide
    a thin veil's silhouette
    records a seasoned voice.

  147. beccalm1212 Says:

    water..frigid air collide…
    a thin veil's silhouette
    records a seasoned voice.

  148. J DeSimone Reynolds Says:

    branch crosses new ice : old will

  149. Hana Says:

    long time
    since I flew in a dream –
    the new ice

    new ice…
    he starts dating
    another woman

  150. Mel Lewis Says:

    new ice
    in your "good morning"
    what did I forget
    this time?

  151. Erica Goss Says:

    at the edge of ice
    blue and cold i reach across
    discarding my fear

  152. Robert Says:

    fallen twig
    broken ice

  153. Joan Prefontaine Says:

    new ice
    he freezes
    at my question

  154. Dave Bonta Says:

    winter road

    the asphalt
    fades to white
    from all the salt

    ice stitches
    jack-knifed feathers
    in the ditch

    phragmites rocks
    in the wind
    from passing trucks

  155. Dave Bonta Says:

    (Hope it doesn't seem too conceited to respond to my own photo! I've been having such fun reading all the other poems, I couldn't resist. Even though I have a photohaiku blog, I pretty much suck at haiku, so I didn't even attempt it here.)

  156. june wideman Says:

    waits patiently
    under new ice

  157. gneissmom Says:

    new ice
    at the New Year
    old dreams fade

  158. Robert Says:

    brain freeze
    blue mood reality
    pixel by pixel

  159. pieceofpie Says:

    caught in a freeze
    one waits till spring

    perfect the pattern
    portrayed in an eye

  160. Carole MacRury Says:

    overnight. . .
    yesterday’s pond flotsam
    in the shape of blue ice

  161. Claudette Russell Says:

    new ice
    the thinness
    of mother's memory

  162. w. loran smith Says:

    I can see the light fading in your heart,
    all the laughter, all the intertwining,
    a freeze that will not stop
    until it clinks at the bottom of my last glass,
    those tiny cubes of whiskey scented ice.

  163. Asni Amin Says:

    the coldness in the silence so soon winter

  164. Chripso Says:

    A friend once said/Now, there is never anything new/I looked through the ice at him/& saw all possibility removed in him/My 1st true loss.

  165. MarkDanowsky Says:

    wince at the tragedy
    of newness–
    so soon defiled

  166. MarkDanowsky Says:

    imagine a better world
    sleeps beneath new ice–
    eager to remain pristine

  167. bloodnoc Says:

    i find this quite elegant…

  168. MarkDanowsky Says:

    Thanks! I appreciate you saying so.

  169. Paul Heinowski Says:

    over many frosts
    old love

  170. Michael O. Nowlan Says:

    delicate lines
    alive with emphasis
    winter's beauty

  171. Mwwise Says:

    Skim over me
    These cold mornings
    Slow my current

  172. bloodnoc Says:

    January frost
    green teal fly through there reflections
    in a frozen blue mirror

  173. madhurip Says:

    a barren heart
    a sprig of hope

  174. Neelam Sangwai Says:

    shadow of smoke
    refusing to recycle.

  175. Claudette Russell Says:

    your hateful words
    deepening the coldness
    in my heart

  176. Peter Newton Says:

    a black-and-blue view
    of the sky
    new ice

    (again, chiming in, not for consideration)

  177. Jennifer Thompson Says:

    forever changed…
    the impression
    you leave

  178. martin1223 Says:

    new pond ice
    the glint on a twig’s shadow

  179. Simon Hanson Says:

    I love the visual – including the contrast between the glint (of light) and the shadow

  180. martin1223 Says:

    new pond ice
    the morning glint on the twig’s shadow

  181. Rita Odeh Says:

    the doodles
    of a dangling branch
    on blue ice

  182. Rita Odeh Says:

    winter wind-
    the doodles of a dangling branch
    on blue ice

  183. c m wilson Says:

    New ice–
    fragile etchings
    on dragonfly wings
    a constant ringing in my ears

  184. Carla Wilson Says:

    new ice–
    fragile etchings
    on dragonfly wings–
    a constant ringing in my ears

  185. Kathy Trau Says:

    Black ice
    The blackjack of winter
    Arresting Mother Nature

  186. Amber McGlothlin Says:

    Our hearts break, and freeze, and thaw, and flow fluid with the seasons
    And what can we do, but run our course?

  187. Teacher Momma Says:

    new ice…
    Life awaiting it's return,
    Fertilizing within each moment,
    Birth bringing forth the beauty of what awaits in it's New Ice

  188. Rita Odeh Says:

    winter wind-
    a dangling branch doodles
    on blue ice

  189. Colin Mackay Says:

    As nature leaves an icy fingerprint in the almost frozen blue pond a man captures light and beams it freely for others to marvel.

  190. Andrew Brier Says:

    a chrysalis
    of spring

  191. Christine L. Villa Says:

    all the wrinkles
    etched by memories
    blue ice

  192. Cee Best Says:

    air-brushed ice.
    a twig falls, surface
    slides away.

  193. L. Williams Says:

    new ice
    but it was only
    two beers

  194. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    ice floats
    in rose-colored water
    some days
    feeling old
    some young

    One of my Lake Michigan poems.
    Blessings, Ellen

  195. larry wilmarth Says:

    new ice…
    the sparkle in her eye
    when i stumble

  196. Amergin O'Kai Says:

    Winter’s rigours are

    Still and brittle, black and blue,

    But soon forgotten.

  197. Robin Chapman Says:


    we want to say
    it bears the trace of leaf,
    grass, branch–not
    the fractal facets of itself.

  198. larry wilmarth Says:

    on thin ice..
    we still talk

  199. eikenlaan Says:

    tree shadows
    across a frozen lake
    branches embrace

    leaf patterns
    etch a frozen lake
    blue winter dusk

  200. Simon Hanson Says:

    ice crystals
    the every which way
    of beauty

  201. freda Says:

    the chill is what is alive _I'm floating on it along the path cut by memory and winter._tea calls in the distance with a voice that came from high on the mountain._thin ice is strong enough to hold me__freda_

  202. Charline Says:

    new ice
    delicate toffee

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  204. pie susu dhian Says:

    ice a sideways slideshow of my life

  205. marthamagenta Says:

    new ice
    patterns of

  206. Says:

    Nice photo!

  207. KP Liker Says:

    Keep it up.

  208. High blood pressure Says:

    Pictures in the article renders the freeze of the ice… very realistic picture.

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