Tinywords 13.1 Begins

We asked for your input and you sure gave it to us. Within a short time period you shared more than 200 responses to our photo prompt.

It really was a flurry of words. Thanks. We were happy to receive so many memorable poems inspired by Dave Bonta’s “New Ice” photograph. It wasn’t an easy decision, but there were two that stood out for us.

Congratulations to Susan Sanchez-Barnett and Gregory Longenecker for their coincidentally apt expressions of just how trying relationships can be.

We plan to make The Poetry Prompt a special feature between issues, each time with an new image by a different artist. So please continue visiting tinywords after 13.1 ends.

Thanks again for lending your voices. We now return you to our regularly scheduled online journal of haiku and other small poems.

Note: this issue’s background image comes from a photograph by Dave Bonta.

We begin tinywords 13.1 with our two winning poems.

–The Editorial Team of
t i n y w o r d s


too soon to call it love new ice


Gregory Longenecker



another crack

between us—

new ice


Susan Sanchez-Barnett

17 Responses

  1. @andreochka Says:

    I do love "another crack"! Well done…

  2. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I really like both of these!

    Well done. :)


  3. Chenn Says:

    Loved them

  4. C.J. Black Says:

    Lunch was incomplete
    No alphabet soup today
    For once stuck for words.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Terrific work from both authors.

    My favourite, just sneaking forward for me is:

    too soon to call it love new ice
    Gregory Longenecker

    It moves away from the usual slant on cracks in a relationship, and focuses instead on a new promising relationship with new ice giving us multiple implications, including a romantic ice skating duet in New York, or on one of the many popular Christmas outdoor ice rinks in Britain.


  6. Gregory Longeneker Says:

    Thanks Alan. I first thought along the negative slant and then the other came to me. Greg

  7. Wendy Says:

    Reading them both makes each more powerful. Maybe that's because a venerable relationship just got a big new crack and it's too soon to know if the old love will mend.

  8. Booker Says:

    call it love too soon
    makes it impossible to
    swoon ever again

  9. BetseyTacy Says:

    swoon ever again
    in the moonlight at midnight
    on midsummer's eve

  10. Peter Newton Says:

    There really were so many to choose from. A great honor to read the words many gifted poets for this first ever TINYWORDS Poetry Prompt. Thanks to everyone who sent poems and / or visited the site for their daily dose of poetry.

  11. purushothamarao Says:

    protruding tender plant
    springs out
    wishing happy V.day

  12. R.K. Singh Says:

    a fading rose
    lies with weeds between stones–
    valentine day

  13. madhurip Says:

    Congratulations to the winners, like both.

  14. susan rogers Says:

    new ice
    on the nursery window
    too soon for lost love

  15. susan rogers Says:

    so much said in such a compact line, nicely done greg
    and how apt the punctuation in Susan's haiku; I can just see that crack. well done.

  16. eikenlaan Says:

    Excellent, both are really good :) Maire

  17. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    snow and ice melting rivers run

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