winter stars . . .
the name of my father
of my father’s father


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  1. Kelly Says:


  2. eikenlaan Says:

    winter night
    hoping to find you
    among the stars

  3. carolyn Says:

    winter delight
    born yesterday
    great great niece

  4. martin1223 Says:

    the bed guard touching father’s small shin winter light

  5. bouwebrouwer Says:

    Very good.

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:


  7. S.M. Abeles Says:

    Very nice.

  8. Lorin Ford Says:

    Great jux. The way this haiku extends in space and time is beautiful.

  9. aminanimator Says:

    Soul Good! Beauty poem.
    (starly winter sky, trip closer to name of great-grandfather)

  10. Pipe Fittings Says:

    Indeed a nice one here.

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