Monday Morning Coffee Break

(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

A?barefoot man with ropes slung over his shoulders and a long-handled axe in his belt scoots up a eucalypt, tearing off limbs as he goes, stopping to chop off larger branches. The thunk-thunk of axe on wood rings throughout the neighborhood. As the tree disappears, the sky expands.

cloud spotting ?
the rattle of a spoon
in an empty cup

4 Responses

  1. Robert Says:

    Beautifully written. Succint but bursting with images.

  2. Lynette Says:

    What a wonderful haiku to follow the prose. Each seems to echo back and forth adding new dimensions.

  3. brudberg Says:

    sun scorching
    once was shadowed soil

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I love the verb 'scoots' :)

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