spring winds —
knowing just how
to touch you

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  1. Frances Ruth Harris Says:


    Thank you.

  2. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you, Frances :)

  3. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    Bright, touching many senses, sexy.

  4. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you, Dirk.

  5. Robert Says:


  6. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you, Robert.

  7. Margaret Dornaus Says:

    Lovely tribute to spring . . .

  8. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you, Margaret! You are so sweet.

  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh this is beautiful, Dawn!

  10. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you, Marion. So glad you think so!

  11. S.M. Abeles Says:

    Excellent Dawn!

  12. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you, Scott. So happy you liked it.

  13. Lorin Ford Says:

    Gentle & light. I admire the light touch in this one, Dawn.

  14. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thanks, Lorin! So glad to hear you liked it.

  15. polona Says:

    lovely and sensual, Dawn :)

  16. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thanks, Polona!

  17. Jeff Hoagland Says:

    Wow Dawn –
    This is beautiful and moving! Represents the intimacy that I have tried to embrace with the natural world all my life. Wish I had written it!

  18. dawndream1 Says:

    Thank you, Jeff. Your comments mean so much to me. My favorite season was summer, but for the last few years it has been spring. I love all the winds seasons..each make me pause and feel alive and rich.

  19. haikuapprentice Says:

    This is a beautiful haiku Dawn. As the other readers have commented, such lightness of touch, such sensuality of encounter is brought to mind. I feel a whirl of connotation, like a breeze flitting among the buds.

    There may have been a particular person in mind for whom the poem was written, but your use of the word "you" sends a tingle down my spine. You have stepped out of your self when you wrote this, but have taken on the persona of the goddess of spring, and are bestowing the blessing of the season on me too. Thank you

  20. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Thank you! I love your comments!!!
    The most wind ravishing experiences I have had, have been on the beach. I don't go often anymore, but still relish the memories of delicious warm wind all over my skin.
    I wrote this haiku about a year ago. It is one of my favorites. I am so happy it is published. ♥ to u.

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