in this white hour
between deep night and dawn
even the wren stares

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  1. Michael Lee Johnson Says:

    Another small piece of wonderful work my Joan McNerney. I have published an interview with Joan McNerney that can be viewed at this link:…. She is a wonderful poet and a very nice person. Michael Lee Johnson, poet, editor.

  2. Rick Hartwell Says:

    Always such a great way with words as well as layered emotions. Best-


  3. poetrymanusa Says:

    Rick, I totally agree. I have published Joan McNerney many times. Not only is she an excellant poet but a very kind person. I have actually done an interview of Joan that can be viewed here:

  4. haikuapprentice Says:

    I've spent the day pondering this work. Now like that morning wren I stare at the white emptiness of the comments posted and feel sad.

    Steep mountain slope
    Snow and tears combine

    Enjoyed your writing Joan


  5. Peter Newton Says:

    What strikes me about this poem is the unique reference to a specific time of day. One often experienced and hard to define. Because what is familiar is often the poet's biggest challenge. Here the poet shows us the awe of being a captive of time. Yes, the wren is free to fly away. Just as we are free to fall back asleep, get up and make coffee, etc. Instead, the wren stares, a creature in which to confide, perhaps. There is that sense of intimacy with the world. A dawn-ness to the poem.

    In This White Hour could almost be the title of a book. It makes me think of the phrase "the hour between wolf and dog" which is another way of saying "dusk" when shapes become hard to tell apart. Life is about ambiguity. Although in this poem, the time of day is not dusk but dawn. Still, a time of uncertainty. How we respond to this uncertainty is the question these lines raise, for me. The white hour when we are free to decide what it is we will create on this new blank page of a day.

    Joan seems to offer hope which she derives from a bird. One known for its joyful song.

    Thanks Joan.

  6. Ann K. Schwader Says:

    Mysterious & lovely. Thank you.

  7. @DreamsOfTaos Says:

    "White hour" = super cool. Love it.

  8. joanmcnerney Says:

    It is wonderful to see how others have enjoyed my poem. Thank you all.

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