fresh tear
in the screen door
summer arrives

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  1. Brandon Bordelon Says:

    fresh tears
    her new summer dress
    torn by the screen door

  2. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Wonderful haiku, by itself, and also how it relates to Ann Schwader's haiku.

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    I like a good HOMOGRAPH and this poem:

    fresh tear
    in the screen door
    summer arrives

    remains open to the reader which is vital.

    Of course we must presume it's a small rip in the screen door, perhaps the door wasn't respected in colder seasons.

    I wonder if it's a biting insect that 'announces' the arrival of Summer.

    Excellent work allowing a reader to expand within the poem.

    Alan, With Words

  4. Alma Cole Pesiri Says:

    aww, the memories this one brings back!

  5. snakypoet Says:

    I too like the way it suggests rather than spells out … and somehow makes me smile in instant response even so.

  6. R.K.Singh Says:

    itching rheums
    runny nose all day


  7. haikuapprentice Says:

    This is so clever, Ann. I particularly like the way you have structured the verse.
    The breaks in the lines give an air of breathlessness – reminding me of my child self bursting (or "tearing-in") through the flyscreen door at home on hot summer evenings, and being scolded by parents who were afraid I would let in mozzies. And of course, I recall all too painfully the fact that sometimes such exuberant entry resulted in a torn screen, and ended in "tears".
    Thank you for the memories!


  8. ???? hermes Says:


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