windy picnic
a tree seasons
the guacamole

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  1. marjorie buettner Says:

    “seasons” is a perfect word, here…it gives the reader layers of meaning.

  2. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Yes, I agree with Marjorie – it could have been annoying, but it also might have brought back some welcome memories…

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    windy picnic
    a tree seasons
    the guacamole

    —David G. Lanoue

    What a wonderful opening line, bringing back mixed feelings about picnics in the hot British Summer as a child, or ridiculous gusts that meant we were forever holding down paper napkins (when we got posh and a little more income) etc…

    Often haiku are just visual and do not invite enough sensations, this delightfully packs it all in, plus good and not-so-good memories of chlidhood and young adulthood. Marvelous!

    Alan, With Words

  4. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Yes, this wonderful haiku by David G. Lanoue will keep the memories a long time . . . my thought too.

  5. Brandon Bordelon Says:

    We plan picnics with high hopes. We imagine delicious food, an idyllic setting, and perfect accord with nature. However, more often than not, our hopes are dashed. Ants get into the food; there are Frisbee golfers to contend with, and dogs playing fetch; and, of course, the weather never seems to cooperate. It's either too hot, or it rains, or in the case of this haiku, the wind ruins things. Or does it? The picnicker who wrote this poem does not let the wind whisk away his good spirits. Instead, with a wry sense of humor, he notes how the inclement conditions actually "spiced things up."

    It reminds me of an outing my girlfriend and I went on last year to the LSU Rural Life Museum. On the beautiful property surrounding the museum, there is a large pond. Summer was in full swing, and the surface of it was almost entirely covered in that yucky green stuff (the name of which I learned later). It made the water look like guacamole…

    blanket weed
    we look for a spot
    to picnic

  6. haikuapprentice Says:

    Beautiful poem! It is written in a light style which reminds me of several works by Basho.

    Gentle, truthful and slightly humorous observation of one of the rituals of life.

    Thank you David!
    A personal response:

    party dancers
    salsa dip goes round
    tinged with green


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