trash day–
a drum set
in the pouring rain

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  1. Alexa Selph Says:

    This is a sad haiku to me, given that my son is a drum teacher and drummer in a rock band!

    bass, tom, snare . . .
    none of them keeping time
    with the rain

  2. Brandon Bordelon Says:

    still making music
    after it's been thrown out
    drum set in the rain

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Alexa's son might enjoy this one-line haiku as he's a drummer:

    the drum of the rain on my bare hands ghosting

    Alan Summers

  4. Ross CLARK Says:

    Oh I like this. Congratulations on these syllables of rain.

  5. Jan Dobb Says:

    heat wave
    my neighbour's drumming
    goes up a few decibels

    Jan Dobb
    (Shamrock, No. 24. February 2013)

  6. haikuapprentice Says:

    I really love this Brad. What a virtuoso poem. You have captured the characteristic sounds of each element of a drum set in each successive line: cymbals for "trash day", the pedal-bass for "a drum set", and a roll on the snare "in the pouring rain". But the mood of the poem fills me with a melancholy sabi feeling. It is like the drum itself is trying to speak its sorrow at being discarded, striking up the beat, calling out the the musical heart of passers by. But now I am waiting for the song to start up, to fill in the backstory.

    Truly terrific poetry!


  7. @DreamsOfTaos Says:

    Very good Brad.

  8. dawndream1 Says:

    fav summer tinywords so far. Thank you for the rain of mysterious synesthesia.

    summer mind chimes of wind

  9. Genie Swan Says:

    Oh, I think I've been a little obtuse here. I thought the drum set was represented by the different trash cans sitting out in the rain. Each can has a different sound according to how full it Is and with what it is filled — the rain making music on unmusical objects. A suggestion of finding music in the throwaways of life. I didn't think it was an actual drum set in the rain.

  10. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    A great use of sound in this one!


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