Writing prompt for issue 13.3


Time for a quiet autumn stroll in the park while we assemble tinywords 13.3.

Okay, this issue’s photo prompt is from New York City’s Central Park so you’re going to have to create your own quiet. The image, courtesy of photographer Bryan Schorn, is of the iconic Gapstow Bridge which gaps the narrow neck of the Pond at 59th Street in Manhattan. Built in 1874, this graceful bridge is worthy of a poem or two.

So, add your best effort to our comment box below. A small poem inspired by anything you see in this image. We will consider the best of the best for inclusion in tinywords 13.3. We will also continue to accept regular submissions through October 20th at our Submit page.

112 Responses

  1. gennepher Says:

    over the bridge
    autumn leaves

  2. AnithaVarma Says:

    good one.. (Y)

  3. LeRoy Gorman Says:

    leaves on their backs
    not so long ago
    they were minnows

  4. Jane DeJonghe Says:

    Gapstow Bridge –
    a moment
    in times

  5. Olivier Schopfer Says:

    old bridge
    a leaf falls
    without a sound

  6. greenlightlady Says:

    We cross the bridge
    from summer to autumn
    deeper into our age
    with memories behind
    and more ahead to make

  7. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    photo of a place
    I've never been
    here too leaves fall

  8. martin1223 Says:

    59th street bridge
    leaves pass through me

  9. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    weathered trees
    by roads and fields
    winter is arriving
    once again
    in the north

  10. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    stone bridge
    another generation
    of leaves

  11. Mary Davila Says:

    surgery day_the lift of a withered leaf_by an autumn breeze

  12. Mary Davila Says:

    I had this as 3 lines, but it automatically converted it to 1.

  13. Gregory Longenecker Says:

    summer and winter
    Gapstow Bridge

  14. Eileen McCluskey Says:

    humble stones dwell
    serene beneath
    the venerable one

  15. Maureen Virchau Says:

    autumn stroll
    bridging the gap
    between us

  16. Maureen Virchau Says:

    pausing to listen
    for Basho's frog
    Gapstow Bridge

  17. Niamh Says:

    still water
    the silence of snails

  18. Vega Says:

    I found your
    the one
    that confounded

  19. Nicholas Says:

    I apologize, I somehow submitted the same poem twice. Please disregard the duplicate since I cannot delete it myself.

  20. Chris Wenk-Harrison Says:

    savor autumn's final bow
    leaves and snow soon fall,
    winter's reign

  21. martin1223 Says:

    59th street pond
    under the arched bridge
    autumn skyscrapers

    59th street pond
    a patch of wet snow
    through autumn

    59th street pond
    the sound of autumn traffic

    59th street pond
    autumn leaves pass
    through me

  22. Jeanne B Says:

    autumn kisses
    water under the bridge

  23. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    autumn in the city eye of a bridge unblinking

  24. Jana Staurovska Says:

    Calm water
    with colorful leaves under bridge
    crispy autumn

  25. Rob Dingman Says:

    crossing the footbridge
    below us in the stream
    the Milky Way

  26. MarySquier Says:

    migrating geese
    from the bridge

  27. Dan Slaten Says:

    seeking solitude
    in a city of millions
    bridge without people

  28. Anna Goluba Says:

    This old bridge…
    Still waiting
    For you and me

  29. Anna Goluba Says:

    This old bridge…
    Still waiting
    For you and me

  30. Kizi 2 Says:

    Autumn always brings me much emotion, I love autumn

  31. Jan Dobb Says:

    stone bridge . . .
    autumn leaves the only

  32. martin1223 Says:

    autumn traffic
    through the maple leaves
    wet snow

  33. Jan Dobb Says:

    Thanks for your response Martin. I like your pivotal effect in this one. A pleasant ambiguity.

  34. Neelam Dadhwal Says:

    a stone bridge
    silent at its shadow-
    autumn day

  35. iokua Says:

    here i am
    reflecting mid-span
    autumn colors

  36. Randy Cadenhead Says:

    Before the leaf falls
    It whispers its dying words
    To the Autumn breeze

  37. Kellie Conetsco Says:

    Escaping my City
    to cross
    into autumn

  38. Tish Davis Says:

    my lunch hour
    in and out
    of autumn

  39. L. Williams Says:

    story arc
    another bridge
    to cross

  40. Theresa C. Says:

    skyscraper reflected
    in the Pond —
    unfinished work

    skyscraper reflected
    in the Pond —
    unfinished business

  41. Theresa C. Says:

    falling leaves
    partner seconds
    through the hours —
    the bridge watches


    tall buildings cast
    new shadows 
    on old stones

  42. Kashinath karmakar Says:

    another autumn-
    things i must do before
    the next winter

    -kashinath karmakar (kash poet)

  43. Charline Says:

    over the pond
    the weight
    of the Gapstow Bridge

  44. GeorgiaAHLK Says:

    Cat Bridge in Fall

    Spry young trees
    stand straight & tall,
    flaunting autumn foliage
    at facades of distant buildings
    showing off taller, straighter flatness
    & out-whiting one another.
    Ancient tree
    bows to autumnal calico
    reflected in stream-like pond.
    Tree tries to emulate rustic curve
    of patchwork bridge built
    of rough brown stones.
    mimes feline spine
    of cat seen only by bridge herself,
    & by large stone alligator
    sprawled on shore
    & small bird
    perched on
    bent old

    © Georgia Kornbluth 2013

  45. haikuapprentice Says:

    bridge dilemma –
    to cross over
    or float beneath


  46. Aminanimator Says:

    with Grandpa

  47. Billy Antonio Says:

    dreams of green things

  48. June Wideman Says:

    Train boxcars
    In motion

  49. sportsxyzforfree apk Says:

    Natures beauty has no competition.
    Word's are very to express its beauty.
    Natures beauty is reflecting in the river.

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