Welcome to t i n y w o r d s issue # 13.3

Hello and welcome to the newest issue of? t i n y w o r d s, which we are happy to present to you with the help of a wide range of poets?hailing?from Canada to Sweden,?India?to Australia, and just about everywhere in America.??Our great thanks?also?to assistant editors: Ruth Holzer, John Emil Vincent and Dave Serjeant. And, of course, to tinywords founder and micropoetry pioneer, Dylan Tweney. Most importantly, thanks to all of you who read, respond and submit to? t i n y w o r d s.?We couldn’t do it without you, so, thanks again.

Thanks also to Tony Hisgett, whose photo of two flying swans decorates the background of every poem in this issue.

Congratulations?to this issue’s writing prompt winner, ?John McManus, for his poem written in response to the photographer Bryan Schorn?s autumn image of the iconic Gapstow Bridge in New York?s Central Park. The decision wasn?t easy and with over a hundred poems submitted in response to?our?prompt, the inspired?poems make up an issue in themselves.?We recommend that you?look back and?scroll through?to enjoy them?at your leisure.

But for now, let’s begin our stroll through the park and into the winter to come. Let’s see what we can see.

All best,

Kathe L. Palka


Peter Newton

Editors,? t i n y w o r d s





park bridge
my child checks
for trolls


John McManus

8 Responses

  1. Edgar Ladouceur Says:

    Welcome back always look forward to a new season…

  2. haikuapprentice Says:

    Congratulations John McManus on another wonderful poem.

    So evocative – not only recalling me to family outings and watching my own kids thrill and fear at checking under bridges for trolls, but even further back playing billy goats gruff as a child and me being the troll.

  3. Jan Dobb Says:

    My congratulations, too, on a wonderful poem.

    At first I pictured you standing by while your small son or daughter checked for trolls under the bridge. Then, as I pondered further during my walk this morning, the scene changed to seeing only you, a grown man, stooping down and checking, much to the delight of your own 'inner child' from those old billy-goats-gruff days.

    Also I love the soft echo that links each of the lines with sound – bridge, child, check. Sounds of the breeze and leaves and water.

    This is one to add to 'my favourites' collection. Thank you.

  4. @noisaslowcircle Says:

    a prickle
    as a leaf brushes
    his neck

  5. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the great poems, they are really inspiring.

  6. polona Says:

    sweet and evocative – an instant favourite. congratulations, John

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    A very sweet haiku, and where I will start looking for trolls under bridges again. :-)

    kind regards,


  8. Friv Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing

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