Gita chanting —
as each stanza ends
the bell

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  1. kalaramesh Says:

    tinywords, thanks a ton for accepting this.

  2. Marie Shimane Says:

    It is the 'bell' that captures me in this haiku — as its tone goes on and on to continue the chanting.

  3. Sheila Sondik Says:

    I , too, appreciate that bell and also the interplay of the vowel sounds. They almost create their own chant. Your haiku make the world smaller.

  4. kalaramesh Says:

    Lovely comment, Sheila.

  5. Peter Newton Says:

    overlapping our voices one with the mantra

  6. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks Peter.
    Lovely one-line ku :)

  7. haikuapprentice Says:

    What I really love in your poem, Kala, is that here is a haiku expressing a hindu spiritual experience!

    Contrary to Blyth and many influential (English-speaking) commentators, haiku is not a zen instrument, or even a spiritual art, but a poetic form which, because it focuses on human encounters with the lived world, has enormous flexibility and potency. It can be made to respond to whatever moves the poet – including mirth, sorrow, boredom, ecstasy, insult or contemplation. Or many of these complex feelings all at once.

    Kala, thanks a "tone" for submitting this. It is a resounding work!


  8. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks Strider.
    it was great reading your response.
    Felt good too.

  9. kalaramesh Says:

    Strider, all said and done, I do firmly believe that creativity in any art form to a great extent is spiritual.
    Isn't it so?

  10. haikuapprentice Says:

    mmm, Kala, I know what you are saying but I don't think it is any disservice to art to say while art can be spiritual, and much of the best and most enduring art definitely is spiritual, making art is not the same as spirituality and definitely much art is not spiritual in creative intent. But perhaps you have a different understanding of spiritual to me. I would limit the word to referring to an experience which transcends the patterns of everyday life or relates to a manner of living which is removed from or beyond the normal needs and imperatives of fleshy creatures like us. Portrait painting, dancing, jazz and architecture are all examples that come to mind which are usually not undertaken with spiritual intent. As i see it, art is about exploring and capturing the complete range of human experiences including the basic, the mundane, and even the ugly. Haiku poets can definitely do many of those non-spiritual explorations, and capture/create portraits of all aspects of human nature and experience. We as haiku readers of course can choose to apply a spiritual filter in reading and recreating the experience conveyed in the work. But we need to remember that spiritual focus might not be the artist's intent and we should not insist that the only valid experience of an art work is a spiritual one.

    A poem I composed today:

    drying off
    first inkling
    of autumn

    Love to hear more of your thoughts, though.


  11. sanjuktaa Says:

    Absolutely awesome, Kala! I do hear the bell…

  12. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton, Sanjuktaa
    I wanted my readers to *hear* the bell :))

  13. Shamim Padamsee Says:

    Awesome Kala!
    The words ring a 'bell' in the inner mind.

  14. kalaramesh Says:

    Hi, Shamim.
    Thank you so much :)

  15. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton, Marie.
    Very true.

  16. Cindy Says:

    This reminded me of my trip to Asia last year – really beautiful…

  17. @Zirconium Says:

    her giant pocket
    a tiny chime

  18. Jesus Chameleon Says:

    askant board extends…
    standing by
    a bed of flowers

  19. friv 2 Says:

    I admire your piece of work, thank you for all the great posts.

  20. friv 4 Says:

    It would be extremely useful and helpful for me and my colleagues, thank you

  21. Dr Pranav Kodial Says:

    Dear Kala,

    This is is one of the most beautiful haiku I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing. I could actually hear the bell.

    Yes, I, too, agree that any art form is spiritual, and a conduit to Him.

    I wish to present a poem that attempts to depict my feelings on reading/chanting the Gita.

    next stanza
    distorted by tears

    May I also add that I am a big fan of your poems. One day, I hope to come to Pune and learn something from you. Do you have a website giving your email address?

    Warm regards

  22. kalaramesh Says:

    Hi, Pranav,

    Thank you!
    Please do give me your email id. I'll contact you. :)

  23. Dr Pranav Kodial Says:

    Dear Kala,
    Thank you very much for your reply.

    My email address is phkodial [at rate of) gmail [dot) com

    Looking forward to your reply. :)

    Warm regards,


  24. martin1223 Says:

    all alone the night sky

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