Writing prompt for issue 14.1


House amongst redwood trees, by Frank Schulenberg

House amongst redwood trees, by Frank Schulenberg

So, here’s the image we’ve chosen as a writing prompt for the upcoming issue 14.1: Spring in Cascade Canyon, Mill Valley, California, courtesy of  photographer Frank Schulenburg. A place with a nearly fairy-tale flavor to help spark your imagination.  We hope it inspires you to surprise yourself with a small poem you may not have written otherwise. We invite you to add your best efforts to our comment box below.

We’ll include the stand-out poem(s) in our forthcoming issue, tinywords 14.1,  due out in early April.

Regular submissions will continue to be accepted at our submissions page through Monday, March 3, 2014.


Time to get lost in the woods. The Redwoods.


The Editors


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