flower show
the woman with the glads
undoes a button

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  1. harrisfr Says:

    The action in this one tells all!

  2. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    I really like this poem, and I can't quite say why.

  3. Joe Llewellyn Says:

    I don't know much about gladioli Dirk, but they are vertically stacked colourful flowers that blossom upward along their stem in tight rows. Their open, almost blousy petals seem to mirror the florists top, which in reverse order to their blooming, is unbuttoned downwards, presumably because the gladioli provide a seasonal summer reference (July, UK-time), and all this shopping is getting our woman hot under the collar.

    Of course, there’s nothing to say these glads are open, especially with July still some way off. But with the deciduous trees (in my area at least) beginning to bud leaves, now is pretty good time to start planting gladioli corns. When someone fits all that in three lines and a few simple words you can’t help but like it, right.

  4. Peter Newton Says:


  5. Bob Lucky Says:

    flower show
    the woman with the roses
    bursting out

  6. haikuapprentice Says:

    Wonderful poem, Charles, matched with your wonderful commentary, Joe

  7. T. Johnson Says:

    This really made me chuckle!

  8. polona Says:

    adding a female voice to the praise of this poem – and Joe's comment :)

  9. Lorin Ford Says:

    This one gave me a good laugh. Dame Edna would be proud. :-) Of course, "with the glads" is ambiguous (in the good way) as it can refer to the flowers or to the woman's happy mood. (Why does Mae West's enquiry, "is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" come to my mind? Well, perhaps the flower show woman is glad to see someone)

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