more bad news
forces its way inside
our home …
a thin rim of snow
around the welcome mat


8 Responses

  1. jennyangyal Says:

    What a wonderful jux. Subtle, poignant, relatable & powerful.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    A very tight tanka, just goes to show how contemporary the form can be.

    Excellent work!

    warm regards,


  3. janetld Says:

    Thanks, Jenny and Alan, for the kind words. We rarely get snow here, but I still remember that bit of snow around the mat on the same day when we rec'd some bad news. So, this one wrote itself!

  4. Marion Clarke Says:

    Well observed, Janet – a fine tanka.


  5. Dave Read Says:

    This is such a strong poem. Excellent work!

  6. janetld Says:

    Thank you, Marion and Dave!

  7. kalaramesh Says:

    Good one, Janet.
    i like it a lot

  8. janetld Says:

    thanks, kala!

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