dinner for one–
she reheats the

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  1. Sue Burke Says:

    Sad but excellent haiku, especially for Thanksgiving.

  2. quietfire Says:

    Oh, boy, that says volumes! Fascinating!

  3. Marie Shimane Says:

    A wonderful haiku — personal to so many!

  4. kalaramesh Says:

    I love this, Sondra
    A very global feel to it.

  5. Ross CLARK Says:

    Oh, excellent.

    waiting for you:
    2 cups of coffee &
    a wasted shave

  6. madhurip Says:

    Superb, sums it all up. Always enjoyed your haikus. Chuckled reading it at the airport, waiting for the connecting flight.

  7. Marion Clarke Says:

    Clever senryu!


  8. Gisele LeBlanc Says:

    So much said with so few words. Nicely done! :)

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