Submissions for tinywords 15.1

With Ed Markowski’s holiday poem we conclude tinywords issue 14.2. And OPEN our next reading period for tinywords 15.1. Thanks all for visiting. Now’s your chance to add a tiny poem of your own into the mix.

From December 11th, 2014 until January 15, 2015 we will be accepting submissions for our next issue that we expect to present in February 2015. So, go to our submissions page where you can send us up to five poems for consideration. There you will find more detailed guidelines. We look forward to reading your work.

No themes for this issue — just thoughtful words that make a small difference in the world. A worthy task. But that’s what poems are for.

With thanks,


Kathe L. Palka

Peter Newton

Editors, tinywords

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  1. Mahati Says:

    Dear Sir

    Does the magazine has issn number
    pls replu

  2. Mahati Says:

    Dear sir

    Does the magazine bear ISSN number.pls reply


  3. Amazon Says:

    nice post bro…i wait for the next article

  4. 2oon Says:

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