fox on the trail?
your hand held up
to my chest

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  1. Magyar Says:

    __Nifty Michael

    quick halt
    this gray fox on our path
    a glance..

    __Then the hand recedes, and the three step forward in silence. _m

  2. Annette Makino Says:

    Love this one, Michael. I can hear the held breath as you watch and wait.

  3. Pravat Kumar Padhy Says:


  4. Magyar Says:

    __Was worthy of added… positive comments.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    England, land of foxes being helped by Mary Poppins, so here's one of a few on them:
    thunder snow
    the wind-shifting scent
    of fox

    tonnerre de neige
    amenée par le vent l’odeur
    du renard

    Alan Summers
    French trans. Serge Tome
    Publications credits: fox dreams (April 2012) edited by Aubrie Cox; Temps Libre Coups de coeur – Favourites (Du 16 au 31 janvier 2013)

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh, wow! This is an amazing moment captured so well.


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