thanksgiving leftovers
all the things we
didn’t say

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  1. Helen Buckingham Says:

    …..and all the things we did.

    family lunch:
    tucking into
    the marrow

    (Presence, Winter 2009)

  2. chief276 Says:

    I recognize the moment, and I like your "leftovers." Could "we" be moved to line 3? I think that arrangement sounds more like the human voice.
    Bill Kenney

  3. th. vandergrau Says:

    Family dinners – either too much or too little is said …

  4. @andreochka Says:

    Beautiful poem but I agree with Bill: "we" in line 3 sounds more like human voice…

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I get the impression that because of 'leftovers', the word 'we' has been left hanging for artistic reasons .. and I like that.


  6. Alan Summers Says:

    baby photos
    from my birth mother…
    how do I say hello to me

    Alan Summers
    Publications credits: The Heron’s Nest (Vol XIV, No. 2: June, 2012)

  7. Darren Says:

    That’s really thnkiing at a high level

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