peacekeepers march
in riot gear

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  1. @michaelpaone Says:

    Wow! Beautiful.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    So many contradictions, and how some of use peace as an excuse to use force.

    A very thoughtful haiku. I've unfortunately experienced this very early one morning and although just an early commuter, felt I was going to be attacked, but by the police. There was no one else on the station platform but me and a large group of heavily riot armoured and bored policeMEN.


  3. Magyar Says:

    __Such realism in your senryu, Roberta; politically dressing to the contrary, in order to emphasize the need of peace_!

  4. Peggy Bilbro Says:

    Perfect! This is award winning for everything that you have managed to encompass in so few words. Thank you!

  5. Gisele_LeBlanc Says:

    So well crafted! I've always been struck by the irony of this issue.

  6. Magyar Says:


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