In the Beginning

Every word fell to the ground under the weight of meaning. We held each one up to the light. Those words that made sense were like truths to us. The others, in time, were more valuable because they could mean anything we needed them to mean.

winter solstice terns churning the mist

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  1. Lynne Says:

    This is great, Bob. Wonderful juxtaposition of prose and haiku, in content and tone.

  2. Judy Hishikawa Says:

    clear/ vague tern/mist

  3. David H.Rosen Says:

    Simple is great.

    Bravo Bob!

  4. Michael Lee Johnson Says:

    Very nicely done!

  5. sandra martyres Says:

    Excellent use of words…

  6. Marietta Says:

    Lovely, gentle reflection on human thought

  7. Marilyn Hazelton Says:


  8. Bob Lucky Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments.

  9. pdfrench Says:

    Really enjoyed this piece

  10. kalaramesh Says:

    Love this one, Bob.
    Just there, no words in a fancy garb.
    Very difficult to write like this. . . it's much easier to hide behind the grandeur of a language.

  11. Bouwe Brouwer Says:

    Really beautiful !

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