disco band…
swirling dust motes
take the spotlight

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  1. Magyar Says:

    dusty eyes
    sun lights this pollen breeze
    a near shower

    __Brad, my humble, but, >dusty< haiku echo, to your good senryu. _m

  2. Dianne Says:


  3. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    There is something deliciously depressing about an empty dance floor and this haiku has captured that, Brad. I love it :)


  4. Alan Summers Says:

    I did love disco music, and frequented dives where prostitutes and pimps hung out, and there was no violence unlike city nightclubs. Taking to African sailors, before they disappeared, was fun too.
    But here's a bit of jazz, not heard so often, in dives, only respectable places alas:

    a snatch of satchmo…
    the coffeehouse man drinks
    to his reflection

    Alan Summers
    Haiku Spirit (Eire 1996)

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