rose garden
old friends
suddenly old

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  1. Sheila Sondik Says:

    This made me smile. It sums up the experience of my current stage of life so succinctly, humorously, and poignantly. Thank you.

  2. jonofwales Says:

    Love this.

  3. Jan Dobb Says:

    As with roses, so with old friends. A beautifully apt juxtaposition.

  4. Tash Adams Says:

    The unexpected 3rd line was a delight. Made me chuckle. Subsequent readings more sombre. Well done. Thanks for making my day with this clever ku.

  5. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    Thanks for reminding me of my
    50th HS Reunion.

    We’re all getting older,
    but you don’t have to get old!
    …..George Burns, 100

  6. Magyar Says:

    "suddenly old"
    __That >time shock< we all face… so well posed in your haiku. Nifty, PJM_!
    __Someone once said: "I see with young eyes, an old mirror." _m

  7. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Yes, some roses live for a long time, don't they. But they are still beautiful – just like this haiku.


  8. jasmine Says:

    rose garden, dont get too close or yo will be poked

  9. write4essay Says:

    I find third line little bit funny, sorry. But if look from the other side, we're all getting older. In the end of the live, we will be sitting in rose garden, with friends like us.

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