desert sunrise
smell of rain outlives
the rain

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  1. Meik Blöttenberger Says:

    This is a wonderful haiku and something I've experienced in the high desert of Arizona. You nailed it!

  2. ormanarlington Says:

    Wonderfully captured.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I love this!

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    A beautiful moment captured.

  5. jasmine Says:

    pretty cool

  6. haikuapprentice Says:

    Literally an "inspired" poem, Roman. Clearly you have captured a genuine physical moment in time and space – one which many readers can connect to. But it seems to me you have also written a profoundly spiritual haiku. We only become aware of the scent of the rain through breathing in – inspiration. And the breath is traditionally seen to be the bearer of spirit. Other cues for a spiritual interpretation are the context – desert, and dawn.

    In capturing this sunrise reflection, and the transience of the rain, is Roman asking us to also consider our mortality – the transience of life, and to ponder immortality? Perhaps it is the "scent" of our own life – the most beautiful remnants of our path through this desert world – that will give hope for living beyond our graves.

    Powerful, thought-provoking, and moving spiritual haiku!
    Thank you for sharing it.


  7. Roman Says:

    Thanks all for your responses and comments! I am very humbled!

  8. essayboo Says:

    For me, sunrise is symbol of something good and happy. Like rain in desert. Really symbolically. This haiku really powerful like it was said in comment below.

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