Writing prompt for tinywords 15.2

"Firmament," by Michele Harvey:  http://micheleharvey.com/%28medium%29_available.html#2

As we assemble the new issue of tinywords, 15.2, we hope you’ll look up and be inspired by Michele L. Harvey’s airy vision of summer, “Firmament.” The photographic image of Michele’s painting appears here with the artist’s kind permission. It’s nothing but blue skies, green pastures and quite a display of clouds. Just the stuff to bring out a poem or two.

Add your best efforts in the comment box below. We’ll include the stand-out poem or poems in the up-coming issue of tinywords 15.2 that will go online in early September.

About the artist:
More of Michele L. Harvey’s fine art and poetry can be enjoyed at her website, micheleharvey.com.

86 Responses

  1. Claudette Russell Says:

    cloud shapes
    if only I could change
    as effortlessly

  2. cristinammoldoveanu Says:

    Beautiful and full of meaning, so expressive.

  3. Claudette Russell Says:

    clouds drift away
    I find the path
    of second chances

  4. Elmedin Kadric Says:

    hovering above soldier’ dreams cotton candy clouds

  5. Elmedin Kadric Says:

    hovering above soldiers’ dreams cotton candy clouds

  6. haikurunner Says:

    changing clouds
    this time we take
    the backroad

  7. th. vandergrau Says:

    summer clouds we could walk all day

  8. cristinammoldoveanu Says:

    farmer's hands
    in every scratch

  9. haikurunner Says:

    country road

    rolling on for miles

    leisurely clouds

  10. snakypoet Says:

    so many clouds
    plump and round
    and apparently rollicking
    over their big blue meadow —
    kids in a playground

    – Rosemary Nissen-Wade

  11. Gene Mariani Says:

    cloud covered road
    beckons dreams
    a parallax view

  12. Candice Coughlin Says:

    Where a road takes you Unknown until end is reached Never go alone

  13. Candice Coughlin Says:

    Green surrounded road Cotton filled blue sky above Peaceful place to be

  14. Thom Norgang Says:

    shouldering our packs
    we walk through the clouds
    and into the sea

  15. Cezar Ciobika Says:

    back from the war…
    every cloud has
    a silver lining

  16. haikurunner Says:

    as simple

    as country clouds

    summer days

  17. @andreochka Says:

    gentle breeze
    a boy on the swing
    kicks a cloud

  18. Edward Beach Says:

    it comes to this
    the space inside the centre
    of cicadas

  19. Joanna Ashwell Says:

    between clouds
    all our chances
    gathered in rainfall

  20. Alan Summers Says:

    Wonderful poems by both Claudette and Joanna.

    Joanna, a question:
    Did you make your poem a separate post as well as a reply to Claudette's poem?
    I think your poem is worth being seen by more people.

    warm regards,


  21. Thom Norgang Says:

    distant thunder rolls
    carefully I add some gray
    and fold my easel

  22. Dru Philippou Says:

    folded into
    the morning's silence
    empty road home

  23. Laura Says:

    summer picnic
    the conversation drifts
    with the clouds

  24. Agnes Eva Savich Says:

    summer clouds
    baby smell
    against my lips

  25. SongsOfKat Says:

    I fall into this love
    like a new equilibrium
    with the sky

    Kat Lehmann

  26. Agnes Eva Savich Says:

    a beautiful day
    extra whipped cream
    in my waffle cone

  27. Theresa C. Says:

    late summer —
    dandelion seeds scatter
    cerulean skies

  28. kjmunro Says:

    shapes in the clouds
    change with the wind –
    what do you want to be…

  29. Deborah P Kolodji Says:

    the hint of anger
    in your voice
    summer's end

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