summer sunlight
through a green lace canopy
the energy
that slips through
my imperfect plans


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  1. Lamart Cooper Says:

    These words created a very relaxed and peaceful vibe for me. Well done!

    hammock strings
    the tension
    I let go


  2. Kat Lehmann Says:

    I'm so glad, Lamart! Thank you. Ah, memories of hammocks.

  3. janewilliams Says:

    Beautiful depiction of nature and human nature.

    netted garden
    the sun spotlights

  4. haikuapprentice Says:

    Wonderful poem, Kat. A beautifully observed – I was going to say "reflection" but probably more accurate to call it a beautifully observed 'refraction" on human nature. With a scientific background myself I always enjoy poems like this, which manage to "re-weave the rainbow", humanizing a fully scientific understanding of the world.

    It is also an excellent example of the slightly different and thoughtful effects which can be achieved through a longer tanka-style poem rather than haiku.

    Look forward to reading more by Kat in future


  5. Kat Lehmann Says:

    Thank you, Strider. Like you, I enjoy reading and writing poems that work on multiple levels. This tanka tickles me a bit for that very reason: the word "energy" refers to the literal Sun's energy and also to the somewhat abstract energy/effort we put into our lives, and so the word is meant to act as a pivot. I look forward to reading more of your poems and thoughts as well. Thanks for your thoughtful and kind comment!

  6. rickie Says:

    too bad summer is over

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