a penny’s rhythmic clink
in the dryer drum

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  1. chief276 Says:

    an empty laundromat
    at dawn

    (First published in Frogpond)

    I can hear it, Maria.

    Bill Kenney

  2. Maria Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. And I can hear the silence in your poem..

  3. Magyar Says:

    Nifty Maria; here, is this instant's echo. Smiles_!

    dueling coins
    their quick draws in the dryer
    that's my two cents


  4. Maria Says:

    Love it; and thank you. ;)

  5. Peter Newton Says:


    laundry room
    folding together


  6. Maria Says:

    Nice! I hope someday to have that kind of mastery of the form.

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