family photograph
all our smiles
framed in a lie


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  1. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    I enjoyed your poem!

    November election

    fog masks

    the candidate’s smile

  2. Jay Says:


  3. Gaurishankar Says:

    A smile that is a lie is ever attempted to publicise as a happiness enjoyed in place of. Sad sufferings.these smiles framed will be used to feel untruth with happy feelings:(

  4. shelleykrause Says:

    SO good.

  5. maria Says:

    Hits close to home, with a wallop.

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Ouch – very effective!


  7. snakypoet Says:

    Ouch! (So good.)

  8. Claudette Says:

    Thanks to all who commented.

  9. Interim Management Says:

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  10. martin1223 Says:

    old photo
    my father as a boy
    looks past me

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