withered chrysanthemums?
my father gives me
a compliment

12 Responses

  1. Georgia Kornbluth Says:

    of passing time
    & the passing of family

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    withered chrysanthemums—
    my father gives me
    a compliment

    Love it! From the opening line to the unexpected contradictory response phrase to the first line.

    crowded café
    a father bends carnations
    towards the girl

    Alan Summers
    Publications credits:
    Snapshots Four, Collection Competition Issue (1998)

    Award credit:
    Highly Commended, Haiku Collection Competition, Snapshot Press (1998)

  3. Georgia Kornbluth Says:

    love the girl
    the café
    the bent carnations

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    Thank you, that's very kind. :-)

  5. Norah Says:

    Thank you Georgia for your wonderful observation.

  6. Georgia Kornbluth Says:

    Thanks, Norah! Good to hear from you!

  7. Norah Says:

    Thank you Alan! I really like your use of ambiguity with 'the girl' which emphasizes the tender actions of a father.

  8. Alan Summers Says:

    Thank you!

    It's though quiet moments isn't it? A time when I spent a long time in cafes, writing and seeing moments between people.

    warm regards,


  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I got the impression that this father didn't hand out compliments very often, so when he does it's refreshing! Lovely, Norah.


  10. Norah Says:

    Thank you Marion. You got it :-)

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