shared memory—
the flutter of a million wings
in the monarch sanctuary

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  1. poetrymanusa Says:

    I am proud to have posted Tinywords and this poem on my Facebook Poetry Group with nearly 1,200 members: Michael Lee Johnson, group administrator, Itasca, IL. nominated for 2 Pushcart Prize awards for poetry 2015.

  2. Magyar Says:

    __Nifty, and so well seen Jari, your "wealth of wings"_! This, an old echo, from a long ago scribble book.

    within the silent flowers
    a butterfly


  3. Jari Says:

    Thank you, Magyar. Lovely! I can hear your butterfly.

  4. Michael Lee Johnson Says:

    I also sent a response but your editor must have cancelled it out. It was mentioned on my Facebook Poetry Site.
    Michael Lee Johnson

  5. Truthful Says:

    This is a truly beautiful piece, heartfelt congratulations!
    It has both depth and gorgeous, unique, multi-layered images.
    I've noticed that the loveliest pieces with high literary value are penned by authors who are not well-known names which is really sad.

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