old friends . . .
the garden fading
into twilight

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  1. MaryJo Says:

    poignant. Fading both the friends and the garden, but not gone. I like fading.

  2. kalaramesh Says:

    Nice one, Bill.
    It lends itself to multiple interpretations.

  3. Baobab Shade Says:

    Very beautiful…a clear demonstration of old friends wanting to stick together for long hours after seeing each other for ages
    _Adjei Agyei-Baah

  4. pdfrench Says:

    very lovely…

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    old friends . . .
    the garden fading
    into twilight


    Always a sucker for a twilight poem. :-)

    Although the two parts of the haiku are close, and not juxtaposed as such, you have the lightness of touch that brings in the whole world, and years and years of friendship and kinship.

    You have shown so much without pointing, and I feel as included as if I was sharing a memory with them right now.

    warm regards,


  6. Garry Says:

    Adam and Eve

    after the shouting

    is over

  7. Magyar Says:

    Old friends appreciate, old friends.

    camp fire
    while this day closes
    a wine glass

  8. Maya Says:


  9. Allison Millcock Says:

    A memorable haiku. Well done Bill.

  10. snakypoet Says:

    Particularly beautiful!

  11. Alison H. Says:

    Just right. Lovely, caring, poignant.

  12. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I love this one, Bill. I like the quietness and acceptance of it.


  13. Dawn Says:

    Wonderful work with that lightness of touch so important for the haiku spirit.to emerge

  14. hammerandtongs Says:

    So much said in so few words. Garden and friends together fading into the twilight.

  15. jaastark Says:

    great post

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