A few strokes to complete the mountainscape. Darken the clouds and smudge the trees with my little finger. Something is still missing?


half moon ?
the voice that is stuck
in my vocal cords


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  1. Mike SCHOENBURG Says:

    Bali beach
    full moon on
    full moon

    2/14/15 @ 4am, inspired by a
    Valentine’s Day romantic rush!

  2. Marie Shimane Says:

    Beautiful and thought provoking –the less than full moon and the stuck voice. This one deserves remembering.

  3. madhurip Says:


  4. Vijay joshi Says:

    The beauty of this compact haibun lies in what is left out . . .
    Waxing moon . . . much more than meets the eye

  5. kalaramesh Says:

    Very beautifully put together, Geethanjali. The prose and the ku complete the 'circle' for me!
    Well done.

  6. Dru Philippou Says:

    I shall treasure this one!

  7. uuglypher Says:

    your beautiful haibun pulls regretful emotion to the surface…with a strong, un-relaxing grip…

  8. snakypoet Says:


  9. Vidya Says:

    The prose and the haiku complement and complete each other.. Lovely

  10. andreacecon Says:

    Both prose and haiku embellish each other. Well done!

  11. sanjuktaa Says:

    Beautiful, Geethanjali!

  12. hammerandtongs Says:

    Beautiful. The missing half-moon, the voice stuck in the throat….

  13. martin1223 Says:

    summer dusk
    between the canyon boulders
    an old sob

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