haiga: just where the sky / meets the sea -- / laughing gulls

just where the sky
meets the sea—
laughing gulls

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  1. @padma_thampatty Says:


  2. MaryJo Says:

    I love your work. How beautiful!

  3. magyar Says:

    __Neat haiga, Barbara_! Your painting and verse, explain each other; my humble echo. _m

    black tail gulls
    glide above the tidal waves
    sea cliff nests

  4. barbara Says:

    lovely verse and visual

  5. Annette Makino Says:

    Ah yes, I've been there. Thanks for taking me back with this lovely haiga.

  6. Martin Mikelberg Says:

    Your artwork and this haiku are excellent – thanks for submitting and sharing. I write minimal haiku or ku (three or more words that run on using existing letters that formulate a Zen like thought (onene@comcast.net) and seeing your haiku immediately formed for me another "ku" – hulaughingulls – hula, laughing gulls.

  7. Peter Newton Says:

    first sound
    of the new year
    laughing gulls

  8. janewilliams Says:

    Lovely …

    laughing gulls – the line of horizon wavers

  9. agnesevasavich Says:

    Yes! Just came back from beach vacation – this is beautiful!

  10. martin1223 Says:

    distant cries
    the light goes out
    with the tide

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