budding trees
the letter wide open
to suggestions


gently her tongue slides
sealing the envelope



This is a tan renga, a form of linked verse, by Anna Maris and Marcus Liljedahl.

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  1. magyar Says:

    __Thought filled verse, quite nice Anna; I add my two humble lines. _m

    teary steps to the mailbox
    she sets the red flag

    Red flag, that RFD hint of outgoing mail.

  2. niriwrites Says:


  3. Mary Jo Balistreri Says:

    Magyar, I like the openness of your two lines. What will happen next. The red flag –connotation of red.
    I also very much enjoyed the renga as it is.

  4. magyar Says:

    Thank you Mary Jo:
    __Here, I simply complement Marcus and his two fine lines… that close Anna's haiku. _m

  5. Jamesdub Says:

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