taking root
in foreign soil –
wild rosemary


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  1. andreacecon Says:

    Nicely written. It struck me at once!

  2. Valentina Says:


  3. Dawn Apanius Says:


  4. Magyar Says:

    __I refer to myself (I imagine most would view as pomposity) as a 'positive contrary.' Here I see this parallel below… the seeds of life as in your fine verse Eva Maria… 'taking root' on a far shore. _m

    on the changing winds
    a new port

  5. madhurip Says:


  6. Jan Dobb Says:

    A last line that brings so much pause for contemplation! Not just 'rosemary, but 'wild rosemary', life's memories tossed from place to place, taking root where they can. The experience of so many people who seek refuge on 'foreign soil'. And the experience of others in various circumstances. So poignantly expressed. Thank you.

  7. Eva Limbach Says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and Magyar for his nice haiku…

  8. Unblocked Games Says:

    my life it's indispensable.

  9. Alan Summers Says:

    No crows in sight! ;-)

    wildflowers adding a little evening to the daylight


    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Presence #52 (2015)

  10. Eva Limbach Says:

    No crows and no ravens insight Alan ;-)

    the seven ravens
    flew away

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