hunter’s moon darting through the forest pines


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  1. mary Jo Balistreri Says:

    Wonderful picture and I like the movement too.

  2. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Thanks, Mary Jo!

  3. Mojde Says:


    Thank you!


    through the forest, for the prey

    winter is on its way

  4. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Cheers, Mojde!

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Beautiful, Helen! :)


  6. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Thank you, Marion!

  7. magyar Says:

    __ Facing the moon… . Helen, just another view as generated by your nifty one-liner.

    moon walk
    as shadows follow each step
    this hunter.


  8. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Glad to have provided inspiration for you, Magyar!

  9. Alan Summers Says:

    hunter’s moon darting through the forest pines

    The call of the wild is forever in us, and while there is forest, literally, and also metaphorically within us, both the hunting moon and ourselves and others, will roam the pines.
    hunter's moon
    the runes of mice
    in its wake

    Alan Summers
    Best of Mainichi 2014 (Japan)

  10. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Great to read that ku again, Alan!

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