blackberries stain
the beard of a goat


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  1. Jessica Latham Says:

    Thank you for this. It brought a smile to my face.

  2. Lisa Chavez Says:

    An example of PERFECTION. I was immediately struck by this one. Such beauty and appeal in this vivid image.

  3. Kath Abela Wilson Says:

    such a quiet moment, and so visual, with simplicity that evokes tenderness. All that goes on, usually unseen, still happens. It gives rise to a desire for symbolic implication . . .

  4. Mojde Says:

    Beautiful and layered!!

    Blackberries leave the trace
    Goat is not able to see

  5. Kathy Kituai Says:

    nothing like a 'little something' before bedtime. Thanks

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Love the simplicity of this. And the image of the old goat's stained beard :)


  7. marykendall Says:

    This one took me by surprise, and I had to spend some time thinking about it. I love the simplicity and directness about it, and yet it allows for so much more through this great imagery.

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